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The Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity (JIRIRI) is a journal founded and led by Professor Roxane de la Sablonnière, affiliated with the Université de Montréal. The journal was set up in 2007 and published, in April 2017, its tenth volume.

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The Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity (JIRIRI) is an international scientific journal published annually in April. The mission of the JIRIRI is to offer undergraduate students a unique opportunity to fully experience the scientific method from the development of original ideas to their diffusion, through the peer review process.

The JIRIRI also aims to promote the conception and expression of new theoretical ideas in the fields of identity, interpersonal and intergroup relations — ideas that could eventually become solid bases for large-scale studies.

The JIRIRI publishes both theoretical and empirical articles.Thus, any undergraduate student in psychology or in a related field eager to share and refine his or her ideas or results pertaining to identity, interpersonal or intergroup relations is invited to submit a manuscript.

    • Editor in Chief
      • Julie Zaky
    • Senior Associate Editors
      • Roxane de la Sablonnière et Diana Cardènas
    • Managing Editor
      • Ioulia Tcherniavski
    • Communications’ Director
      • Kathleen Bazinet
    • Event Coordinator
      • Lydia Hébert-Tremblay
    • Associate Editors
    • Consulting Editors
    • Undergraduate Reviewers
    • Graduate Reviewers
We are always looking for students for the following positions: Associate Editor, Consulting Editor, and Undergraduate and Graduate Reviewers
    1. First, the Editor in Chief makes a preliminary selection of the manuscripts and retains those that comply with the JIRIRI’s mission.
    2. Then, the manuscripts are sent to four undergraduate students and one graduate student. These students will write anonymous reviews to the author and send them to the member of the editorial team responsible of the manuscript.
    3. The editorial team member will write an edition letter to the author, which will synthesize the reviewers’ comments. This process will be supervised by the consulting editors, who are graduate students. The edition letter must contain the most important comments and the decision regarding publication. The manuscript may be accepted as it is, accepted with minor modifications, rejected with the invitation to resubmit, or it may be rejected completely.
    4. The author will then carry out the modifications considered necessary by the editorial board.
    5. Several rounds of reviews may be undertaken until the manuscript is judged suitable for publication.
Undergraduate students of all universities are invited to submit their manuscript in French or in English. In his/her letter to the Editor in Chief, the author submitting an manuscript must confirm that he/she is an undergraduate student and that his manuscript has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. An undergraduate student may submit a manuscript that he/ she has co-written with a professor or a graduate student only if he/she is first author. It is not possible to be the first author of an article in the JIRIRI if one’s degree was completed more than twelve months prior to the submission of the manuscript.

How to submit?

The first page of the manuscript must include the title of the article and an abbreviated version of the title containing a maximum of 45 characters. The second page must include a 150 words summary of the article, in French or in English. Also, the author must include five key-words related to the themes discussed in the article. The text must contain a maximum of 75 000 words and it must observe the APA style.If you wish to submit a manuscript, and that it meets the mentioned requirements, please send us the full text to jiriri@umontreal.ca 

Any undergraduate student interested in submitting a manuscript, or any undergraduate or graduate student interested in taking part in the review process is invited to contact us at the following address: jiriri@umontreal.ca