The JIRIRI is an international journal with the goal of promoting the creation and expression of novel theoretical and empirical ideas. It publishes original articles on the subjects of identity, interpersonal and intergroup relations.

This project is a student initiative that offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to fully experience the scientific method, from the development of original ideas to their diffusion, through the peer review process.

Any undergraduate student from any university interested in participating in the JIRIRI either by submitting an article, or as a reviewer or an associate editor is invited to contact the editor in chief at the following address: We are also interested in graduate students that would play the role of "guest reviewer".

A word from our Editor in Chief, Céline El-Soueidi

As Editor of the Journal of Identity, Interpersonal Relations and Intergroup Relations (JIRIRI), I am pleased to announce the launch in April 2017 of the 10th edition of our joural. This volume is built on the experience and continuing innovation of previous years and I am confident that this year’s team will reach new heights in terms of quality and creativity. One of the main goals this year will involve a concrete plan for the distribution of the journal and its concept. Moreover, we welcome within the team responsible for transmitting the potential benefits of the JIRIRI to anyone who wants to start this adventure in a field other than social psychology. As the JIRIRI is now known worldwide, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a strong demand for this kind of initiative and opportunity for undergraduates. Obviously, the development of our project wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the editorial team as well as our writers who continually push their limits to provide quality products. We are currently preparing the launch of what promises to be another wonderful edition of JIRIRI! I hope you will join us for this wonderful adventure!

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