See the instructions to learn about the article reviewing procedure.

Sample of the article submission and reviewing procedure

Here is an example of the article submission process and the various versions at each stage of the British Journal of Social Psychology's review process.

  1. Letter to the editor 1
  2. Manuscript 1
  3. Evaluation 1
  4. Letter to the editor 2
  5. Manuscript 2
  6. Evaluation 2
  7. Letter to the editor 3
  8. Manuscript 3
  9. Evaluation 3
  10. Proofs and corrections
  11. Final paper (early view)

Many thanks to the British Journal of Social Psychology for granting us permission to publish the documents above.

Additional example of an article submission process

  1. Original manuscript (1st round)
  2. Review (1st round)
  3. Manuscript (2nd round)
  4. Review (2nd round)
  5. Final article
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