Job descriptions

Editor in Chief

His main focus is to manage the JIRIRI as a whole, supervising the revision and publication processes for all submitted articles. He is in charge of putting together meetings and insures that the team and the authors work together swiftly, fulfilling the JIRIRI's mission.

Managing Editor

The Managing Editor is responsible for the layout and the publication of the JIRIRI, as well as everything revolving around the training of the team. As such, he organises the training sessions for the evaluators and keeps the training documents up to date.

Communications Director

In charge of financing and promoting the JIRIRI around the world, the Communications Director looks for scholarships and other ways to find the necessary funds for the JIRIRI's publication and functionning, like organising promotion events. He is also responsible for reaching as many social psychologists as possible in order to invite their undergraduate students to submit their papers in time for the deadline.

Associate Editors

Each of them are in charge of at least one article submitted to the JIRIRI: they communicate with the author throughout the revision process. They can also be asked to help with various tasks, such as assist in reviewer training sessions, final review on manuscirpts etc...

Consulting Editors

They are there to ensure the continued success during the transition between each team, and supervise and monitor members of the editorial team, assisting them throughout the review process.

The 2016-2017 Edition Team, Volume 10

Céline El-Soueidi, Rédactrice en chef

Roxane de la Sablonnière, Rédactrice Adjointe Seniore

Simon Coulombe, Rédacteur Adjoint Senior

Carolanne Labonté, Chef d’édition

Camille Bourdeau, Chef de la diffusion

Maïlys Laylle, Directrice des communications

Ibtissem Medjdoub, rédactrice adjointe

Samuel Laperle, rédacteur adjoint

Laurence Beaudry-Jodoin, rédactrice adjointe

Weldie Joseph, rédactrice adjointe

Karine Jauvin, rédactrice adjointe

Diana Arnautu, rédactrice adjointe

Émilie Dumont, rédactrice adjointe

Tasnim Rekik, rédactrice adjointe

Joée Guillemette-Lafontaine, rédactrice adjointe

Frédérique Hervieux, rédactrice adjointe

Julie Zaky, rédactrice adjointe

Christine Ghantous, rédactrice adjointe

Samuel Mérineau, rédacteur adjoint

Iulia Cerniavschi, rédactrice adjointe

Leila Benabddallah, rédactrice adjointe

Béatrice Marseille, rédactrice adjointe

Samantha Kargakos, rédactrice adjointe

Karine Nadeau Paquette, rédactrice adjointe

Audrey Paquette-Masson, rédactrice adjointe

Melissa Romano, observateur

Samuel Mérineau, observateur

Louis-Philippe Baraby, observateur

Camille Turcotte, observateur

Jessie Philippo, observateur

Throughout the years, many people have contributed to the JIRIRI's success and progress:

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